It’s art-recruitment time for the 2020 Accordion Babes Calendar. The theme will either be: “Women of the Future” or “An Instrument Beyond Time.”

The theme will remain flexible until all the artwork comes in; so feel free to riff off of either theme for your own photo-shoot…or ignore the theme and just take a sexy picture with your accordion!

The projected deadlines and dates for the 2020 calendar are:

MARCH 31 → Art deadline for photos and songs
APRIL 15 – MAY 15 → Fundraiser period
JUNE 1 → Print date… in Prague? Or in California? Stay tuned for updates on our print location.

To find out more about the requirements for making an Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar Art Submission, please read the information on the Participate page. Be sure and read the updated photo guidelines.

If you still have questions, please use the email button on our website to send a message.

If you know of an artist who is perfect for our calendar/CD combo package, please send them a link to our website!