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Accordion Babes 2021 Calendar Pre-Sale

It’s time to launch the 2021 Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar, Woo-hoo! We’ll need your help with Calendar Pre-Sale to make it happen. For the first five days of the pre-sale you can grab a single copy with free shipping… that’s to encourage you to go for it right away, and to spread the word so your friends and family can get in on it too.

If you’d like to help us out even more, you can order multiple copies, or signed copies, or become a sponsor and get a copy of the Accordion Babes 2021 Pin-up Calendar and a printed mention on the Thank You page.

If you order five (5) or more copies you also get a price break.

For inquiries about whole-sale rates for stores and larger orders send an email to

Order one copy of the 2021 Accordion Babes Calendar with free shipping for $20 here, or scroll down for more options. Limited time offer! Ends Oct. 27


Normal shipping rates apply for the following:

1 signed copy — $25

2 copies — $40

3 copies — $60

5 copies — $80

10 copies — $150

Accordion Calendar Sponsor with mention on the Thank You page — $50

Thanks so much for supporting the Accordion Babes. Because of your help, we’ll be here to make sure that 2021 rocks!

This is how far we’ve gotten in our goal!





Every Friday from about 11am to 9pm (Pacific time) we are hosting 5-7 artists’ free live-streamed accordion concerts on the Accordion Babes Facebook page.

Visit our page to check out who is playing this Friday… this will be an ongoing through 2020 due to the cancellation of so many festivals. Please come out and enjoy some live music and support these musicians who have lost so many gigs. These events are free and open to the public.