Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar

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2019 – Women of Passion

We are looking for women who love their accordions for 2019 edition of the Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar.

The submission requirements are:

  • An Accordion Babes Pin-up photo -see Photo Guidelines
  • A .wav or .aiff file of your recorded original or public domain music. No cover songs.
  • Completed song release form, photo release form, and song credit form. Forms to download are on the Participate page.

The photo & song submission deadline is MAY 29th 2018.


The Accordion Babes 2018 Pin-up Calendar & CD has sold out.

If you have any questions about shipping, or about wholesale orders and price breaks, or for updates and general inquiries, please send an email to [email protected]

The Accordion Babes 2018 compilation CD features a fun range of music, from rock and pop to Cajun, Fado, polka, and other eclectic styles, with a lot of great grooves; proving once again that the accordion is sexy.


The 2018 ARTISTS are:

Meredith Pangrace, USA — front cover
Kitten on the Keys, USA
Renée de la Prade, Germany and USA
Shelder the Electric Clamfish, Canada
Jet Black Pearl, USA and Holland
Big Lou the Accordion Princess, USA
Scout Tran, USA
Susanna Koska, Germany
Joana Reis, Portugal
Doodles LaRue, USA
Sarah Savoy, France and USA
Natasha Enquist, Germany and Canada
Aurelia Cohen, USA

Thanks for visiting our site. For general inquiries or for help with ordering email us.

US customers:
Smythe’s Accordion Center, Oakland, CA
Down Home Music, El Cerrito, CA
Accordion Apocalypse, Petaluma, CA
Loud and Clear Music, Cotati, CA
Savoy Music Center, Eunice, Louisiana
Accordions and Keyboards, Clearwater, FL

Canadian customers:
Rowan Lipkowitz or Bruce Triggs at Accordion Noir, a non-profit accordion organization in Vancouver, BC.

European customers can contact the following artists:
Sarah Savoy in Paris, France or Joana Reis in Portugal.