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Welcome to the Official Website for the Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar


2020 Accordion Babes calendars are on sale until February 29th. They are 50% off for the entire month. Order your copy now, they’re still hot! Each calendar comes with a copy of the Accordion Babes 2020 CD. (You can hear samples of the songs in the 2020 Pin-Up Gallery.)

Accordion Babes 2020 – Women Who Dare

The 2020 Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar offers a beautiful, sensual, and empowering way to appreciate modern accordion music. Thirteen indie musicians team up in a calendar full of sassy accordion pin-up photos; it comes with a compilation CD with one track from each artist. Together, we prove that the accordion is a mighty instrument, and that the women who play it are bold, daring, adventurous souls, making their mark on the 21st century.

With music ranging from orchestral pop-punk, to folk, blues, country, Cajun, waltzes and polka, accordion fans have a great album to look forward to in the 2020 Accordion Babes CD.


The 2020 ARTISTS are:

Joana Reis (cover) – Portugal
LynnMarie – USA
Mishkin Fitzgerald – United Kingdom
Susan Hwang – USA
Renee de la Prade – USA/ Germany
Calvaleigh Rasmussen – USA
Debra Peters – USA
Sarah Savoy – USA/ France
Wendy Fitz – USA
Skyler Fell – USA
Aurelia Cohen – USA
Miss Natasha Enquist – Canada
Meredith Pangrace- USA

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2019 calendars are also available at the following stores:
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