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The Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar is the first item of its kind: a calendar featuring musicians in sexy poses, which comes with a compilation CD of their music. If you are an accordion babe, or you know someone who would be a great addition to the calendar, please start by referring to the photo guidelines section on this page. Please make sure that your photographer reads these guidelines before the photo shoot because they are very specific. It’s important for all the Accordion Babes photos to work together as well as on their own. The calendar evokes the classic American pin-up era of the 1940’s and 50’s and we largely use format to make that idea work. (It’s not just the outfit and the pose!)

The photo guidelines refer to image size, cropping, camera angle, and posing advice to help you get the right kind of image. On the one hand, great, it’s so clear! On the other hand, it’s a lot of information so it could be intimidating. If you’re not used to modelling, bring a friend to your photo shoot who can help you with your poses, facial expressions and costume adjustments.

There are no song guidelines other than the no cover songs rule. Also, we really appreciate good quality audio production so a home song demo might not make the cut. Then again, with software these days… it sure could! Just be aware that we care about recording quality because one badly-recorded song can drag the whole album down. You can submit original material or songs in the public domain; you’ll have to provide a release form for the song and the photo. You can download the release forms here; please sign them, scan them or take a photo, and submit a .jpg file via email.

The Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar is still a small, indie production so we don’t offer royalties. The best way to get paid for this work is to order copies of the calendar to sell at your shows; they are available to participants at the price of $5 each, plus shipping. They sell for $15 – $20 each and having calendars on hand at shows will help boost your other CD sales because people love to come at the merch table when there’s a sexy calendar to gawk at.

If you have any questions, you can ask them via the email form. Calendar production happens in the spring; usually the art deadline for songs and photos is in April or May. If you’d like to receive deadline and submission information via email, please sign up for the Accordion Babes Only email list by using the CONTACT email form, with the subject ACCORDION BABES LIST.

I can’t wait to hear from you! Meeting new accordion babes is the best part of this job.

-Renee de la Prade