The 2018 Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar is a musical calendar with sexy, empowered women who play accordion from the U.S., Canada and Europe, which comes with a CD.

Accordion players around the world can rejoice as the Accordion Babes return for the 9th round of gorgeous, sexy, cheeky photos and inspiring music.



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Suzanne Ramsey – Kitten on the Keys
CD track 11: “Bob Smith” — Suzanne Ramsey

kitten on the keysSan Francisco Bay Area Native Kitten on the Keys has been performing locally and internationally everywhere from sleazy bars to the award winning French film “Tournee” at Cannes. She survived playing in bands with Courtney Love in the 80’s and is currently the vocalist and accordionist for Pachuco Cadaver, a Captain Beefheart Tribute Ensemble. She can be seen in a variety of piano bars throughout San Francisco.

Photo: Eve Saint-Ramon Shot In Paris, France.



Renée de la Prade
CD track 7: “The Green Room” — Renée de la Prade

renee de la pradeRenée is a street performer and instrument repair technician, a music teacher, song-writer, and international touring artist. Originally from California, her current home is on an island in the river Elbe in Hamburg, Germany. She plays a mixture of New Orleans rhythms, blues, rock and folk music and dances the beat on her stompbox while her powerful bellows work, groovy basslines and soulful voice create a big party sound. Her bands Rebel Lovers and Whiskey & Women tour in the US, Canada and Europe. Renée is also the editor of the Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar and appears with the Accordion Babes Revue.

Photo: Julie Nagel



Michelle Footz
CD track 13: “The Moose Bar-Bee-Cue” — Michelle Footz

michelle footzShelder the Electric Clamfish is a multi-instrumentalist storyteller hailing from Mayne Island, British Columbia. With four Canadian tours under her belt, she performs her eclectic art-folk compositions on accordion and ukulele, drawing inspiration from her travels as a nomadic musician and from historical Canadian legends and folk tales. After residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia for three years, Shelder now incorporates traditional East Coast music into her original compositions, blending familiar sounds with a new deep-sea folk-punk energy. In 2016, Shelder released her first full-length album, Notes of a Vagabond, recorded at Pennybrook Studio in rural Nova Scotia.

Photo: Samm Fisher



Jet Black Pearl
CD track 6: “Cumulonimbus Me” — Jetty Swart

The untamed and inimitable Jet Black Pearl from the port of Amsterdam spent many years in the south of France before settling in Portland, Oregon in 2014. She has performed on more than a thousand stages all over the world. Intelligently zany, her songs sound like a mad hatter’s European gypsy tea party with a punk attitude.

Photo: Miri Stebvika
Image Compositing: Theresa Pridemore
Art Director: Darka Dusty Stebivka



Big Lou
CD track 9: “Never a Dull Moment” — Linda Seekins

big louBig Lou has played in The Stir-Ups, Thee Hellhounds, Polkacide, Those Darn Accordions and various and sundry other bands. She has been a guest artist with the San Francisco Symphony and the London Philharmonia.

Photo: Sean Vallely




Scout Tran
CD track 13: “Dream of Sailor” — Scout Tran

Once a meek member of the humble folk band Corpus Callosum, Scout has since run away to join the international feminist-genderqueer gang The Degenderettes, wreaking havoc upon the patriarchy. When not rampaging giant axe-wielding puppets through the streets of San Francisco or spinning baseball bats in the DG Color Guard, she can be found operating Scout’s Artillery, a hole-in-the-wall slingshot range. She now pumps her delicate little finto-piano free-bass accordion through senseless amounts of distortion in SF’s premier menstrual-core band, Shark Week, while tinkering with her forthcoming-but-never-to-be-actualized robotic band-to-end-all-bands, Fish Trap.

Photo: Heather Hryciw



Susanna Koska

CD track 05: “Sonnenuntergang” — Matuska/Koska

Susanna is a descendant of an old dynasty of musicians. Her first instructor was her father. Living in Altona near the port and the famous Reeperbahn of Hamburg the accordionist and vocalist writes her own songs. Together with her friend Mirek in the Band “Zauberhafte Welt der Tiere” (Charming World of Animals) she gives concerts all over Germany. Her lyrics are social phenomena provocative, targeted – sometimes quite angry, sometimes funny. And their world is populated by monkeys, liquor and cigarette smoke.

Photo: Joachim Tröster



Joana Reis
CD track 08: “É tao bom quando chega Agosto” — Milene Reis

joana reisJoana comes from Portugal and began playing button accordion when she was 12 years old. There was an accordion in her home when she was a child and she used to pretend that it was a typewriter. From these humble beginnings she grew up to become an enchanting international artist, and has been performing, touring, and recording for the last 20 years. Joana plays, sings and composes Portuguese popular songs and fado music.

Photo: Vitor Alves
Sponsored by Dino Baffetti Accordions Portugal



Doodles LaRue
CD track 11: “Brass Ring” — Ricardo Zegri

doodles larueMs. LaRue plays and sings with 5 Cent Coffee, a post-modern jug band full of grit and carnival hokum. They play original songs set in the dusty American tradition of travelling circuses and rail-riders down on their luck. With soaring vocals, sometimes two accordions, sometimes two ukuleles, washboard and junk percussion, their sound is big and brash but soft and mournful, and always compelling.

Photo: Ricardo Zegri / K S Haddock



Sarah Savoy
CD track 04: “Gardez-Donc” — Sarah and Wilson Savoy

sarah savoy“Sarah is a rollicking, high-spirited lady brimming with passionate energy and a restless appetite for life. Multilingual, multi-instrumental, she approaches motherhood, professional level cooking and button accordion playing with the same hard-working dedication and adventurous spirit.

Her larger-than-life voice leads her Paris-based Hell-Raising Hayride band into her own personal take, rich with boogie and verve, on the Cajun music she learned at her famous parents’ knees – a modern sound that still feels like it’s straight out of Goldband Records.”–Yves Dorémieux




Miss Natasha Enquist
CD track 03: “Unbroken Girl” (White Rose Remix) — Miss Natasha Enquist & Jacopo Vannini, remixed by Eclectic Bay Studios

miss natasha enquistMiss Natasha Enquist is a Canadian accordionist, singer-songwriter, recording artist, model and performer based in Berlin, Germany. Treating the accordion as a human-powered synthesizer, MNE is bridging the gap between electronic pop music and the accordion, with her dreamy, dark, romantic “electro-accordion chanteuse” style. Her song “Unbroken Girl” is about the 1920’s German silent film actress and Otto Dix muse, Anita Berber, and has been featured on the soundtrack for the short film “The Birthday”.

Photo: Migle Maciunaite



Aurelia Anne Cohen
CD track 02: “Endless Highways” — Aurelia Anne Cohen & Jason Dea West

aureliaAurelia Anne Cohen was born in Tucson, Arizona, and trained as a dancer and aerialist before joining the world class Pyrotechnic Theater Flam Chen in 2006, where she worked as an aerialist, acrobatic stilter and fire performer. She has performed Internationally for over a decade doing everything from Circus Spectacle to Serenading audiences with her band Intuitive Compass, formed in 2011. She writes, sings and accompanies her partner and fellow writer/composer Jason Dea West. Intuitive Compass just released their fourth album, self titled.

Photo: Thaddeus Hink


Cover Babe
Meredith Pangrace
CD track 01: “Blooming” — Maura Rogers and the Bellows

Meredith grew up listening to eastern European accordion music at family gatherings in Cleveland, Ohio. Her love of the instrument and it’s nostalgic sound led her to pick one up and start playing along to folk and rock songs with friends. As her interest grew, she found a singer-songwriter that welcomed her with open arms, and is now the “Bellows” in Maura Roger and the Bellows. MR&B play regularly in Cleveland and around the country promoting their albums and the accordion’s place in female-fronted rock and roll.

Photo: Beth Segaln