Photo Guidelines

photo diagram

Here we start with the diagram in U.S. measurements.

The FINAL CUT EDGE of an Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar Photo is 12″ x 12″.

There is an 1/8″ bleed outside of the FINAL CUT EDGE. The total image size should actually be 12.25″ x 12.25″ including the bleed.

The LIVE AREA is an 11.5″ x 11.5″ square inside the FINAL CUT EDGE.

See Pin-Up Photo Diagram (right) to visualize what I’m talking about.


The image resolution should be 350 dpi

Use your camera’s highest setting.
Your file will be large, it should be too big to send as a regular email attachment.
One way to send large files to me:

You can also send it using google drive or with any large file transfer service.


Why is there a bleed? Why is there a live area?

Because the cutting machine is not 100% accurate and we need to be sure that the image has a little extra background to prevent a white line from showing up at the edge of the image. Staying inside the live area ensures that your foot doesn’t end up poking into the center fold of the calendar. It also makes for a nice, consistent composition that looks professional.



How much background?

It’s easier to show you than tell you. The idea is to get your body as large as possible in the frame, without getting too close to the edge. If you use a seated pose, you will look bigger than in a standing pose, because you can fill up more of the square when you sit down.

too much background panel 6
panel 8

More Photo Tips:

  • Your accordion needs to be in the photo. Fanned-out bellows look best, but closed accordions are ok. You can hold the instrument, or pose next to it.
  • Your entire body needs to be in the photo; and we want you to look your sexiest, but please do not show nipples or genitals.
  • Funny photos are great.
  • Send more than one photo option if possible.
  • Use adequate lighting. more than one light source is needed. that means lights on stands, or sunlight + reflectors and/or flash.
  • For outdoor photo shoots, it’s better to shoot early or late in the day to get softer light.
  • Square photos are best; if you have a rectangular photo, make sure that one side is 12.25 inches, or 310mm long at 350 dpi.
  • For inspiration, an internet image search on the words “pin-up” will show you plenty of ideas.
  • For more inspiration, see our Pin-up Galleries from
    previous years of the accordion babes calendar.
  • please show your photographer these photo guidelines before your photo shoot.
  • If you or your photographer have any questions, please email Renée here.

The top seven reasons we reject photos:

  • Image not big enough so it will look pixelated in print
  • Not enough light, photo looks dark
  • Out of focus
  • Person in the photo looks uncomfortable
  • The woman is not big enough in the photo; too much background or some other person in the frame who minimizes her presence. The Accordion Babe should be the central focus of the image even in a shot with more than one person.
  • Body parts cut out of the photo
  •  Costume and background do not match: for example a beautiful evening gown in a barn yard