Accordion Babes 2019 Pin-Up Calendar Fundraiser is live!

Link to the 2019 Accordion Babes Indiegogo campaign

The artwork has been compiled for the 2019 Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar, and we have launched an Indiegogo fundraiser to raise the money for printing. Please pre-order a copy using the link above if you have the means, and help spread the word even if you’re broke! The collected 2019 artwork has been uploaded to the fundraiser page; so all you curious Georges and Janes can click on the link above if you want to see the new sexy accordion photos! Here is the new cover, featuring aerialist/accordionist Erica Mancini as the Cover Babe:

The cast of the 2019 Accordion Babes Album & Pin-Up Calendar includes: Onah Indigo (USA), Sapo (Canada), Guro von Germeten (Norway), Charlotte Bessard (France), Molly Kennedy (USA), Ann Savoy (USA), Susan Hwang (USA), Squeezebox Rosie (U.K.), Anitta (Finland), Renee de la Prade (USA/Germany), Sarah Savoy (USA, France), Adriana Sanchez (Brazil), and Erica Mancini (USA). Each 12-month calendar comes with a CD of accordion music, one song from each Babe. (13 songs total). The music ranges from electronic to jazz and folk, rock, blues, ska and more.