Accordion Babes 2020 Calendar available for pre-order through our Indiegogo campaign

The Accordion Babes 2020 Pin-Up Calendar is available for pre-order through our Indiegogo campaign. Please help us get to print by pre-ordering calendars and/or sharing the link to our fundraiser; which is here:
Accordion Babes 2020 Fundraiser via Indiegogo

Featured on the cover: Joana Reis of Portugal. Here’s the list of artists and months:

LynnMarie – January
Mishkin Fitzgerald – February
Susan Hwang – March
Renee de la Prade – April
Calvaleigh Rasmussen – May
Debra Peters – June
Sarah Savoy – July
Wendy Fitz – August
Skyler Fell – September
Aurelia Cohen – October
Miss Natasha Enquist – November
Meredith Pangrace – December

Thanks for helping us get to print!

-Renee de la Prade, Editor