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Featured artist: Mrs. Hobbs from Los Angeles, California U.S.A.

Accordion babes 2018 Art submission deadline extended to July 17th

To friends, fans, and participants in the Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar:

It’s June 26th and there are still between 6-8 spots left in the 2018 Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar. 2017 been a wacky, busy year for all of us, me included…. (editor speaking here)… I also haven’t had time to finish my own photo and recording! I just had a meeting with my photo editor Julie Nagel and figured out a good extension timeline.

I can give us three more weeks to finish artwork, and still have a chance to deliver calendars to U.S. bookstores in mid-September. That is the latest time of year that most bookstores will accept new calendars for their shelves. If I don’t get enough art by July 17th, don’t worry, the publication will still happen but we just miss out on the indie bookstore market. If I need to post another extension I’ll let you know.

So, here it is again: New art deadline for the 2018 Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar is July 17th 2017.

When I first started this calendar project, I had a policy that you must pre-order 50 copies of the calendar in order to participate. That policy is no longer in place. Now that we have an audience which keeps buying the calendar year after year, I think it’s possible to raise enough funds with pre-orders from our regular customers. So, if you are on the fence about whether to give this “Accordion Babe” idea a try, just know that there isn’t a buy-in requirement. I will ask you pre-order your personal copies but you don’t have to. I will also ask you to share our fundraising/pre-order links on your social media outlets. In order to be in the 2018 calendar, you will need to send a high-res photo and high quality recording to me at: [email protected]

Also there are new release forms to sign and send in; giving me permission to use your photo and song in the calendar and for promoting the calendar on this website and social media. I don’t ask for exclusive rights to the photos: the images and songs still belong to the artists.

What do you get out of this project? 1) An exciting and well-made merch item to sell at your shows; which is available to you at cost. ($5 per copy) and which you can sell at your own price. I usually set the pre-Christmas price at $20 and enjoy having the extra money during the holidays. 2) Connection to a network of great female artists who are also touring performers. The advantages of this are huge. Not only are we good emotional support for each other, we help each other out with touring and places to stay on the road, write songs together etc. 3) A great promotional item to get you considered for more gigs including high-profile festivals. This calendar is one of the factors which got me my first lucky break at a French accordion festival a few years ago and it can work for you too. 4) Inexpensive yet beautiful, special presents to give to your family members and the folks in your life who support your art. 5) (I almost hate to use this one because of the cliche but it’s true) Exposure: your photo will hang for one month in thousands of accordion-loving homes and businesses around the world. Even when your month is over people flip through the calendar all year long to look at the art. The CD has been a consistently fantastic album for many years running so you will also get a bunch of listens from our collective fans and several college radio stations. Each year around 2,000 copies get distributed. 6) Bragging rights. The Accordion Babes Album and Pin-up Calendar is well-known among the world accordion community so you can drop a mention that you’re involved. It’s also the first calendar of its kind; celebrating a unique instrument with sexy photos of artists who play it, and including a CD. 7) Occasional gig offers to Accordion Babes; I’m hoping to organize tours in the U.S. and Europe next year. 8) You are free to use your photos and songs for other projects and many of us re-use our photos to make exciting concert posters and flyers. Deadlines can be stressful but having great promo art is very very good for your career as an artist.

It’s important to read the Photo Guidelines here before you do your photo shoot because the photo requirements are very specific. Your song can be an original composition or a public domain song, no cover songs, and should be a high-quality recording. It can be in any style. I love it when you send in more than one option for music; because it’s always a challenge to fit so many diverse artists onto one album, and to keep a good flow. The album will be mastered all together so you can send mastered or un-mastered audio.

If you’d like to order a current or back-issue calendar, they’re still available at the online store (see main menu). You can also look at most of our previously-published photos by checking out the galleries section of this website. This will give you and your photographer a great idea of the kind of images I’m looking for.

Here’ a shout-out to the women from past editions of the calendar. Thank you for rocking this world! Your music and your soul make it a better place. To all you aspiring Accordion Babes, thanks for reading this, I’m really excited to see the next round of art submissions and to print the 2018 Accordion Babes Album & Pin-up Calendar.

– Renee de la Prade, Editor/ Captain Accordion Babe